Initially, one that today is the bakery and pastry Zuanon, had the name of Historical Oven Stocco, managed by Mr. Giuseppe Stocco, who has passed the management to a friendly couple with the passion and experience of the artisan bakery.

Since the beginning, their belief was to be able to turn their passion into a work appreciated and recognized by many, with the philosophy that a confectionery or savory product, has to be produced by hand, like the ancient recipes handed down and not with mechanized means that they are used nowadays.

Thus it was born in 2010, the bakery and pastry Zuanon, Silvestri Michelle, managed and sent on along with fellow Olindo.

Since the beginning, the friendliness and professionalism of the two pastry chefs, linked to the quality and authenticity of the ingredients, leads many people to Get going steady customers, expanding quickly the knowledge of the store not only in Castelfranco, where he is but also in the neighboring countries , soon becoming a reality well known and appreciated by many.

Following the proposal of pastry and bakery products offered, Zuanon expands and quickly with the external service of refreshments comes to organizing major events for important and recognized business realities in Veneto.

To date Zuanon is a recognized artisan bakery and homemade pastry, with a large selection of baked goods and more, where the customer can feel pampered in the professionalism and courtesy, tasting the delicious desserts and savory products, or sipping a coffee in Olindo company and Michelle


pastry artisan bakery Zuanon of Silvestri Michelle & Co.

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